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Congress Set to Address Financial Plight of USPS
5.11.2016 - Linn's Stamp News reports: "There is something new in the air these days in Washington, and it isn't the aroma of spring flowers. It's the idea that after years of delay, Congress is about to address the long-standing financial plight of the United States Postal Service, a situation lawmakers largely created with a 2006 law. Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan, not one to make rash promises, acknowledged May 10 that she was "cautiously optimistic" that lawmakers might finally address her agency's financial woes." - House to Try Cut-Down Version of Postal Reform - Draft Bill Coming Soon - Won't Touch Tech - Comments (Count)
USPS Expects $1B Loss in 2016 Without Surcharge
5.10.2016 - Federal Times reports: "The U.S. Postal Service tallied an operating revenue bump for the second quarter of 2016, but higher expenses and a recent price cut has the service's leaders predicting a future in the red. The postal service saw a 4.7 percent rise in operating revenue compared to the same quarter of 2015, but the April expiration of an exigent surcharge will cut deeply into future revenues, Postmaster General Megan Brennan said." - USPS Reports 'Controllable' Income of $576 for Second Quarter - Revenue Up 4.7% From SPLY - Comments (Count)
USPS Has Not Saved as Much as Expected From Cutting Post Office Hours
5.06.2016 - reports: "USPS neglected to factor in potential revenue losses when suggesting it would save $500 million annually by keeping post offices open two, four or six hours per day instead of eight hours, according to the Government Accountability Office. Even without factoring in the net effects, the Postal Service has lowered its projected savings from half a billion per year to $337 million annually due to increased labor costs, a 35 percent reduction." - Comments (Count)
Survey Finds Turmoil in Postal Workforce
4.28.2016 - Inside Sources reports: "A survey of postal employees conducted last year for the United States Postal Service paints a dire picture of the state of the organization's workforce. Gallup, which was paid $1.8 million by USPS to conduct the survey, presents a comparison to the results of similar surveys of millions of workers at hundreds of other companies in recent years. Across a range of questions addressing satisfaction in the workplace, the USPS scores in the 1st percentile, the very bottom, of the survey results." Survey Says: The USPS is a Terrible Place to Work  |  Townhall: Total Disaster  |  Postal Workers Despise Their Jobs - Comments (Count)

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